IT career resources

We are looking for IT professionals with the right skills and qualities to help our organization complete priority initiatives and achieve business goals.

Look at our career action items resume tips and interview tips to learn how to make the best impression.

How to plan your career

If you are beginning your career search, make sure you do some research. For a successful career here are steps for job hunting.

  • Have to think what you want to become, what skill do you have and what kind of industry you want to concentrate
  • Make sure you have cover letter which speaks effectively about yourself in one page
  • You need a resume which lists your work experience, skills, education and certifications. Be sure to sell yourself with a good resume.
  • Include reference names, title and phone numbers form your recent two projects.
  • Dress well for your interviews and bring your resume and get interview details like interviewers name, phone before you leave
  • Review your skills briefly and touch upon topics which recruiter said in the interview.
  • If you are not selected in the interview still thank the interviewer and ask him suggestions on how you can better your chances. You need to learn from your experience and make sure you do better next time.