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Enterprise Application Integration:

To ensure IT capability is in tune with business needs, enterprises need a method of synchronizing IT architecture with the business. To accomplish this, application integration and middleware, the system software or runtime infrastructure used to provide intra- and inter-application communication, must be used. Middleware is typically layered between an application program and the operating system and network transport service. Application integration and middleware includes software products such as message-oriented middleware, integration broker suites, transaction monitors, object request brokers and application servers. VisionSquare Inc has the resources and expertise to help you use EAI to best advantage.

Whether it’s integrating business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environments with legacy systems through use of middleware (e.g. MQSeries, CORBA and MSMQ), N-tier component-based architecture and communication technologies,VisionSquare Inc ‘s approach integrates applications and information previously isolated in individual silos, which enables these systems to efficiently share information with one another, as well as with other systems.

For example, VisionSquare Inc, Inc helped a large theme resort with part of its strategy to remain the premier provider of family vacations by integrating multiple systems to obtain more guest information to tailor service offerings to individual guests. The project, the largest IT and business re-engineering project in the history of the company, required VisionSquare Inc, Inc to help seamlessly integrate multiple legacy systems – central reservations, tour wholesaling, sales & catering, property management, dining reservations and various marketing automations – to support the accurate and timely exchange of data across multiple systems creating a single source of data for all data. The end result was a state-of-the-art CRM infrastructure that tightly integrates critical operational touch-points and strategic analytical systems to help the client anticipate guest needs and provide better customer service, thus driving increased guest visitation and satisfaction.

To further facilitate EAI, VisionSquare Inc’s Enterprise Application Integration practice includes expertise in legacy migration and modernization and systems integration and Web services.

Legacy Migration and Modernization:

VisionSquare Inc’s approach to legacy migration and modernization is tightly integrated with our approach to enterprise architecture and enterprise application integration. We emphasize the need to leverage the vast commercial enterprise investments currently locked in legacy systems. Our approach may include exposure of legacy business processes and applications into new architectural environments through application wrapping and Web services.

System Integration and Web Services:

VisionSquare Inc’s approach to comprehensive system integration and Web services emphasizes analysis and design with a strong business focus. VisionSquare Inc designs and delivers service-oriented, component based architectures, covering data, applications, and process integration and driven by industry best practices.
We believe that service oriented architectures, including Web services, can provide reusable, simple and standards-based access to business objects, thereby saving money and time. These services can be exposed through other interfaces including User Interfaces (Web, IVR, WAP, using JSP, Servlet, XML, XSLT) and system interfaces (EDI, JCA, Web services).